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How to insert a String type parameter while it should be Integer? [message #36387] Fri, 23 November 2001 11:32 Go to next message
Andrew Ho
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I've two simple tables:

create table table1(
name VARCHAR2(10),
primary key(ID));

create table table2(
name VARCHAR2(10),
primary key(name),
foreign key(table1ID) references table1);

In short, table2 has a foreign key referencing table1, very straight forward.

Let's say table1 has a record:

name id
---- --
abc 1

I'm writing JDBC methods for accessing these tables. The defined interface for inserting a new table2 value is:
AddTable2( String name, String table1ID);

In order to insert a new record into table2 referencing this record, I should write:-
insert into table2 (name, table1ID) ('whatever', 1);
and I can easily map 'abc' and the value 1 using a simple query.

However, the requirement states that in order to avoid unneccessary JDBC overhead, triggers are asked to do the mapping task.
So I tried writing a BEFORE INSERT trigger so that the sql statement
insert into table2 (name,table1ID) ('whatever', 'abc');
would still work. But before the trigger is invoked the statement is rejected by the dataype checking, cos I placed a string to a place where an integer should be.

Does anyone know if there's a work around for it? Or am I misreading the requirements?
I've been stuck on this for a long time, so I really appreciate any input.

Thanx again.


Re: How to insert a String type parameter while it should be Integer? [message #36388 is a reply to message #36387] Fri, 23 November 2001 13:09 Go to previous message
andrew again
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I's say the word "trigger" is misleading. I think what you need is a procedure which would accept 'whatever' and 'abc' as paramters. Then step #1 is for the proc to query table to find out the id corresponding to 'abc'. Now that you have that id, insert the child record. In pseudo-code:
proc add_tab2_child (
p_child_field in varchar2,
p_parent_descrip in varchar2) is
v_id number;
select id into v_id from table 1 where descrip=p_parent_descrip;
when no_data_found then error 'couldnt find id for abc'
when too_many_rows then error 'abc is not a unique description - more than 1 row found'
insert into table2 (name,table1ID) values p_child_field, v_id);
when ...

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